Breastfeed Discreetly & Privately in our Nursing Wear

Breastfeeding TopAsk a new mother about their first experiences of breastfeeding and they will probably tell you that it was pretty tough. Not only does it hurt and take time to master, its daunting, especially in front of other people.
But they also say with time it gets so much easier, faster and becomes a lovely time with your baby.

We can help you a little with the daunting part. Our nursing wear range is designed so you look great, but more importantly, keep you covered while you breastfeed your baby. The way our nursing wear works is simple:

  • The top part of the garment has two layers. When you are ready to breastfeed, pull down the elasticated top layer and lift the under layer to access your nursing bra. This process is so easy you should only need one hand, leaving the other free to attach your baby. You will never have to worry about your tummy or back being exposed as our nursing wear has it covered!

  • Our nursing wear designs also take into account that your boobs will be larger and fuller than normal and your tummy not quite as it used to be.

  • Our tops and dresses are cut to skim your curves, not cling.

  • Our breastfeeding tops are a little longer than a regular top but not as long as our maternity tops so you can wear them through your pregnancy but you may find by 3rd trimester they are a bit short.

  • You can also wear our breastfeeding dresses through your pregnancy but they will certainly be firm around your bump.

  • Our breastfeeding nursing wear range is made from certified organic cotton, cotton spandex and wool fabrics. Not only are these fabrics soft on you and your babies skin, they allow your skin to breathe (your body temperature is naturally higher during pregnancy and often during breastfeeding) and have natural odour resistance.

    Our nursing wear is available in summer and winter styles and stocked in small size through to plus size in a range of fun colours. Choose from singlets, tees and long sleeve breastfeeding tops or grab a breastfeeding pack in your style, colour and size of choice to receive a discount off regular prices.

    For a special occasion check out our glamorous breastfeeding dress and our breastfeeding tunic.

    As a breastfeeding mum I really appreciated the privacy nursing wear tops and dresses gave me. I could feed by babies out and about feeling confident that no extra unsightly lumps and bumps were being shown off. I found the breastfeeding tops really practical and would say they are a MUST have item in your hospital bag if you are planning to breastfeed your baby.