Pregnancy Size Guide

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Being pregnant is such a special and amazing time in your life.
As a general rule, your pre-pregnancy size will be the same for your maternity clothing size, however our size chart measurements will give you a better idea.
Our clothes are available in small size through to extra large sizes - S, M, L, XL & XXL covering size 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, and maternity plus size 24-26.
NB. Australian sizing is different to US and European sizing. If you are unsure of what size to order, contact us as we would love to help you.
If you do order the wrong size, we will happily exchange or refund your order.

Maternity Clothes Size Chart

I have been blessed with three pregnancies. Each experience, quite different. I was continually surprised at how my body changed each trimester and how big my tummy got without bursting. I now have three gorgeous girls and thatís a whole new delightful (and learning!) experience.
One of my main goals at Barefoot Maternity is to design clothing that you really want to wear everyday during your pregnancy. With this in mind, I focus on style, comfort and creating versatile designs.

Style: Lets face it, you want to look great during your pregnancy. Our clothing is designed for your ever changing body shape and to flatter whatever shape and size you may be. Some garments show off your pregnancy bump, others skim and trim (eg. breastfeeding tops). Our designs are simple but classic so you can wear them day through to night, dress up for a special occasion or add your own twist to show off your individual style.
Comfort: As well as looking great during your pregnancy, you will want to be comfortable. To ensure this, our clothing is adjustable, stretchy and made using natural fibred fabrics. Our maternity skirts, pants, jeans and shorts have adjustable waists. This means you can wear these clothes from early pregnancy, to term and after having your baby. Using stretch fabrics ensures added comfort and fit as your tummy grows, and our natural fibred fabrics allow your body to breathe as you go through all the crazy changes of pregnancy, like body temperature fluctuations.
Versatile Pregnancy Clothing: Our pregnancy clothing is designed so you get maximum wear. Adjustable waists ensure our bottoms are comfortable and fit throughout pregnancy and again after having your baby. Wear our breastfeeding tops and dresses during early pregnancy and while you are nursing your baby. Our classic designs and colours allow you to mix and match our clothing to create a pregnancy wardrobe for corporate, casual and evening wear.