Wool Breastfeeding Tops On Sale

Wool Breastfeeding Tops are ideal for nursing mothers looking for warmth and comfort this winter.

Made from 100% wool and manufactured in Australia, not only do Barefoot nursing tops exhibit all the best characteristics of wearing the natural fibre, they are designed so you can breastfeed with minimum fuss and exposure. The simple but fashionable cross over style enables you to easily access your nursing bra. To nurse, simply pull aside the elasticated cross over layer and lift the under panel. Your tummy will always stay covered (and warm!) so you can breastfeed discreetly and comfortably.

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How to make your own Breastfeeding Top Pattern

Designing your own breastfeeding tops pattern is not overly difficult, but may take a little time and some careful measuring.  The investment will be worth it though, as once you draft your basic breastfeeding pattern you will be able to alter your block  to create  endless different styles. Alter the sleeves to create a summer breastfeeding top, a breastfeeding singlet or a long sleeve winter nursing top. Alter the hem length to create a breastfeeding tunic or a breastfeeding dress and combine hem length, sleeve changes and different fabrics and you can create an entire breastfeeding wardrobe to see you through all seasons. Continue reading How to make your own Breastfeeding Top Pattern