Tall Womens Maternity Clothing

As a tall woman, I need extra long clothing. As a tall pregnant woman, I need extra long maternity clothing. You might think this is stating the obvious, and perhaps it is, but let me tell you, finding long maternity jeans, long maternity pants, even just a long maternity skirt (ie. one that falls below my knees) is not that simple. I need jeans with an inseam of at least 36″. I am 6″2, and like to wear my jeans long. I like pants that look like full length pants, not like a pair of 3/4 pants (which is what regular length pants look like)! . Just once,  I would love to be able to buy long pants or jeans and have to hem them because they are too long….. ohhhh if only, I’ll keep dreaming!! Continue reading Tall Womens Maternity Clothing

Maternity Pants on Sale at Barefoot Maternity

Barefoot Maternity are selling off last season and end of line maternity pants at bargain prices. Get in quick for stylish corporate maternity pants, must have summer pants and jeans, and extra long trousers for tall pregnant girls, all priced to clear at $40.00 & below. Continue reading Maternity Pants on Sale at Barefoot Maternity